Webinar Altaro. AMA on Containers

Abr 16, 2018 | Altaro, Noticias

Our next webinar will be for Hyper-V users. It will be held on Tuesday 24th April and features a special guest who is widely credited as being one of the original founders of Hyper-V itself, Ben Armstrong. For technology enthusiasts and dedicated admins, this webinar is a rare chance to get insights direct from a senior Microsoft developer on an exciting and fast growing technology: containers. The webinar will be run in an AMA-style format, driven by questions from the IT community so attendees will get the chance to ask their container-related questions directly to Ben himself.


Ben Armstrong is a Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft with around 20 years of experience working with operating systems and virtualization. He has worked on Hyper-V, the Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows Defender Application Guard, and many other technologies. We are delighted Ben agreed to join this webinar and it should be a very exciting proposition for our Hyper-V audience.


The title of the webinar is: Ben Armstrong AMA on Containers


Register and Learn more details: https://www.altaro.com/hyper-v-backup/webinars/ben-armstrong.php